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Fulsun Home Improvement Co Ltd is a professional cabinet manufacturer

Date: 2016-8-26    View: 4721

Fulsun Home Improvement Co Ltd is a professional cabinet manufacturer, which lies in the beautiful city of Zhongshan , very close to Guangzhou and Hong Kong SAR. We specialize in developing and manufacturing variety of mirror cabinet, storage cabinet,  medicine cabinet and mirror..    

The production is operated strictly under ISO 9001 quality management system. The products are processed by special technology to reach the outstanding finish and reliable structure. They are featuring of superior quality, modern style, fantastic appearance and competitive price. All of our products are quality crafted-items and full of our creation.  

As an experienced exporter, we respected the market, and go with the market. That is where our new designs come from. Sheet metal processing covers large domain. We focus on the sheet metal processing for home cabinets. Since our establishment, we have been striving for innovation and breakthrough. To adapt to the development of the market, we adopt innovative processing technique, reasonable structure and quality materials, which make our products have home practicability and vitality in the market.  

We are a professional manufacturer, an experienced exporter, and striving to be an outstanding expert in this line. We sincerely invite you to be our business partner and develop the market together! 

We are ISO9001 Certified, and the whole production is operated strictly under this Quality Management System .